About Ayron 

Expert in all things vegan and fashionBorn in Southern California, 34 years young, vegan, bourbon drinking, mermaid obsessed, stylist and ex fashion designer based in Texas. 

Living in California, where I spent most of my life, but also another large portion of my youth living in Northern Michigan, I got the best of both worlds; country and city living. I moved to Las Vegas in my late 20's to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts emphasizing on Fashion Design. That is where I discovered styling and image consulting was my true passion.

Her love for fashion came at an early age; playing dress up, cutting Barbie doll clothes to make them more "trendy," changing her purse daily to match outfits, putting together collages of outfits from fashion magazine cut outs. Some of my experience includes working with local designers and photographers to style photoshoots for print and advertisement, fashion shows, and blogs. 

Something that I hugely stand behind is Veganism. I've been off and on Vegan for that past decade and it is a lifestyle that I live DAILY. It's my passion and mission to educated and inspire others to start their Vegan journey. You can be vegan, give a fuck about the world and do it all while being fabulous. Welcome to Fabulously Vegan!

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